Ferry Flight Pic of The Day

Being a ferry pilot is a great job if you like to travel and see other countries but sometimes it can be very frustrating.  Flying a low altitudes in an aircraft with great visibility lets you really see what you’re missing as the landscape passes below you.  I don’t know how many times a day I look down and say to myself  “Wow! That’s cool, I wish I was down there.”  only to have whatever I was looking at disappear behind me never to be seen again.  In the photo is a small village I saw while flying over Italy, or maybe Greece, that was miles from anywhere and isolated by mountains on every side.  I imagined my wife and I renting a car and driving for hours along the narrow road as it wound it’s way through the mountains to the village, stopping along the way for a glass of wine and some authentic local food at a small family restaurant followed by a night at a hotel that’s hundreds of years old.  Who knows, maybe someday.  I should have marked it on my GPS.

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