Phenom Trip, The Finish Line

To say that our accommodations in Anadyr Siberia were spartan would be the understatement of the year.  There was no hot tub, TV, room service, coffee, mini bar, restaurant or anyone who spoke English, and that included our handler Boris, his real name I swear to god.  So after a good  nights sleep Marcio and I endured the standard three hour Russian goodby, courtesy  of the ever friendly customs and immigration services we pointed the nose of the Phenom east and headed out over the Bearing sea.  The flight to Anchorage was an easy one.  Not much to see over the ocean except the occasional Deadliest Catch boat out there trolling for ratings.  Once we hit Alaska the view became fantastic.  The clouds broke and we could see vast mountain ranges with Denali rising above them all.  At one point a 747 bound for Asia passed beneath us giving me a chance for a picture and a little bit of gloating, I was flying a jet higher than Air Force One flew, pretty cool.

 The sun was setting as we landed in Anchorage and by the time we cleared customs and put the plane to bed a full moon had risen above the mountains and bathed the ramp in a golden glow.


The next day’s flight to Las Vegas was pretty dull stuff, fun for us but dull to read about.  The next two nights on the other hand would be very interesting to read about but you know what they say about what happens in Vegas.  All in all my first trip over the Pacific was a blast and besides being a slow learner on the computer I thought I did a reasonably good job flying my first jet.  I hope there are more of those in my future.

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