Tail Winds

The unfortunate loss of another very experienced ferry pilot.

– Rescue Mountain Rescue and 118 have reached the Piper dispersed in the Apennines and in the cabin they found the dead body of the pilot, the ‘ German man of 58 years who was at the controls . The recovery of the body is very difficult because the plane ended up on a steep ridge of the mountain. The National Agency for the safety of the flight ( ANSV ) opened a safety investigation to identify the cause of the accident at the Piper 30 went missing on Friday with only the pilot on board and found today in an inaccessible area of Mount Casarola . The ANSV also willing to send its own investigator on the spot ” to gather the first evidence useful investigative activities .” His name was Hardy Kalitzki , was 56 years old and lived in Berlin the pilot died . “It ‘ died on his birthday, he was born April 4 , 1958 ,” says Joseph Ottonello , a manager of Genoa who had sold the Piper crashed in the Apennines to an American businessman . The manager is the last person to have seen the German pilot alive Friday morning before taking off from the airport of Genoa and of the crash on the mountain. ” Hardy Kalitzki was a professional pilot , an expert , with assets of 12,000 hours flight 990 Atlantic crossings and well – says Ottonello – . Had flown all types of aircraft and boasted an impeccable resume .” “It was a ferry- flyes , as they say – adds the manager – he had the task of transporting the Piper in New York through the route used by these airplanes that have a flight range of about 5-6 hours. Had to get to the airport of Ebeswald near Berlin and then through airports in Scotland, Iceland , Greenland, Canada arrive at the final destination of New York. The plane had sold him a year ago. He had arrived in Genoa with a scheduled flight from Berlin and then Piper took off with the Friday ‘ morning. was quiet and safe , as always . “

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