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Best Defense of the A-10 This Year

As part of our antitransformationalist canon, one thing we have discussed here on a regular basis since the F-35 came in to being was this; regardless of what people may say – it cannot and will not be able to conduct close air support as it is required.

I suppose That Was You, VI

I suppose That Was You V was posted April, 13.

Every ferry pilot has thought of and has his own opinion of ditching in the ocean. We’ve all seen the two diagrams in the back of the pilot’s operating manual that depict your two options when it comes to landing in the water. According to the […]


Summer is here so it’s time to go down to Texas and pick up the 900 horsepower Super Grand Caravan for another season of skydiving in Wisconsin.  I was hoping to have the same pilot we had last year fly for us but he went and got a real job flying for a cargo company.   […]

A Man After My Own Heart

How British pilot ‘buzzed’ the Kaiser
Story emerges of how daredevil pilot “buzzed” the Kaiser in an audacious stunt just days before the outbreak of the First World War

Eric Gordon England in his ENV- engined Hanriot monoplane, which he affectionately named Henrietta 

Little did Eric Gordon England know that within weeks of […]

Channeling Heinlein

 Finally, a space ship that lands just like the ones in the science fiction books I grew up reading.  Pretty damn cool.  I wonder how they are planning to enter the earth’s atmosphere?  I would think that if they are planning on riding the engine down it would take a ton of fuel.  I guess […]

Why Skids Are More Dangerous Than Slips

An interesting write-up on one of the biggest killers in aviation, the base to final stall/spin crash.  The article does a good job of showing the different effects between a skid and a slip.

You may have heard that a skid during a stall is more dangerous than a slip, and it’s true. But, why?
Stall-spin accidents […]

“Just get in the plane and go!’



How ‘pilot pressure’ leads to fatal aircraft crashes in Alaska and Outside


In the wake of the records release this week on a fatal 2013 crash involving an Alaska State Troopers helicopter, the circumstances surrounding an earlier flight, to Kodiak in 2009, have come into sharp focus. An interview between National Transportation and Safety Board investigators and Sherry Hassell, the […]

Skeliton Of The Sahara

I know I posted the story about the P-40 found in the desert a few months ago but I someone sent me this link to a more complete story with more and better pictures.
My Uncle Denis, pilot of the plane time forgot: First pictures of the man who crash-landed his plane in the Sahara and […]


At least he’s on the center line.

Ferry Flight Pic Of The Day

Leaving The Soviet Union  Russia behind.

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