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On Piddle Packs « Neptunus Lex.

Our flight back from Deadwood this weekend was three and a half hours long with the detour around Mt. Rushmore thrown in.  After taking the required pictures of the stone presidents it was time to point the nose for home.  It wasn’t long before Joe, on of my non-pilot friends in the back, inquired as to how is might be until the first fuel stop.  I proudly informed him that due to a nice tailwind we could make it all the way to Minneapolis saving both fuel and time and wasn’t that wonderful?  It was not.  Having counted on two short legs instead of one long one my friend wasn’t shy about having that second or third cup of coffee that morning.  Joe was forced to use the empty glass orange juicehe’d brought along for just such an emergency.  I only wagged the wings while he was so engaged once.

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I personally have a very high altitude limit, I guess it’s from going up to fourteen thousand feet fifteen to twenty times a week and wrestling skydiving students.  I can also fly at eighteen thousand feet without O2 for well over an hour without any effects at all  without hitting anything, in theory.  Not that I would ever do that.

Fighters in Finland « Neptunus Lex

Fighters in Finland « Neptunus Lex.

I’m recovering from toasting Lex off with the Minnesota contingent last night.  We had a good showing at O’Mallys Pub and unfortunately I had to leave before a recently retried two star admiral who flew with Lex showed up.  He apparently had some good stories about Lex from the old days.   Before I left  we put a slight dent in the bar’s Guinness supply and told each other about our favorite Lex post.  Here’s mine.


As many of you might have heard Mil Blogger Carroll “LEX” Lefon was killed earlier this week flying an Israeli F-21 Kfir at Fallon as a civilian contractor.  LEX’s blog Neptunus Lex was the first site I hit every morning for flying stories, wisdom and just plain great writing.  Lex and I shared a few emails and his tips about the book I’m writing about my own flying stories were increadable gifts from the master himself.  Lex was loved by many and the fact that hundreds of fans who have never met are getting together tonight all across the country to swap Lex stories and honor the man is a great tribute indeed.  So if Lex touched your life like he did mine or you just want to help celebrate the life of  a great man raise a glass of Guinness tonight at 7:00 CST and toast the fallen.  For strength.