Battered And Brused

Day four of the Accelerated Free Fall Instructors course and I’m beat.  As in beat up.  I’m covered in bruises from candidates trying to hang on to me on exit and then trying to catch me in free fall when I get away.  for the most part they are all doing well but even the best of them gets a little too aggressive and hits me kind of hard.  Not only does this hurt but it gets them an unsat on the dive making them do it again.  Up until now they have been doing classroom work and practice dive but today they go “Hot” which means every dive counts.  If they score too low or get too many unsats they fail the course costing them to have wasted a week of their time and about a thousand dollars so you can imagine pressure.  Seeing me limp around the house this morning moaning and groaning my wife told suggested that I take the day off and not jump today.  It’s an appealing thought but I’ve worked too hard on these kids to take a break now.

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