People in glass houses and all that prevent me from being too hard on the Apache pilots who just destroyed an expensive aircraft and two careers.  I mean I love a good buzz job just as much as the next guy, ok maybe a lot more than the next guy, but you’ve got to use your head.  Screwing around in the thin mountain air is just asking for trouble and these pilots certainly should have known that.  Oh well live and learn, and it’s going to be an expensive lesson because I hear the Army is going to take the cost of the Apache out of their pay.


Today’s Product Endorsment

Both delicious and nutritious.

Update:    showed this to my family to see if they thought it was funny, the result was that number one son thought it was, wife and daughter, not so much.  “But” said I, “did you see where it says magic in every bite and an excellent source of sparkles?”  They looked closer but were not reduced to tears.  Women have no sense of humor, you guys think it’s funny right?…….right?…………The heck with all of you I think it’s hilarious.

Ferry Flight Pic Of The Day

Here’s a shot of my co-pilot Marcio in the Phenom 100 somewhere over Indonesia last fall.  Ok, ok, I was his co-pilot but what’s in a title? You can see two of the cameras they have mounted in the cockpit to catch us screwing up doing awesome pilot stuff for “DANGEROUS FLIGHTS”.  I’m not sure what that big piece of paper with all the lines and numbers is.  It looks like one of those old fashioned map things we used to use way back before i pads but I can’t be sure.