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▶ The Unrideables: Alaska Range

Worlds Best Toy

If this guy ever starts selling these I’m going to be first in line.  I love flying my wingsuit but the two minute flights are just too short, give me POWER!


More Skydiving Sickness



It’s Not Too Late

I have two teenagers that have grown up in the Facebook/Playstation age and it makes me sad.  I think Mrs. Scary and I have done better than most in trying to raise our children in the “old school” way but modern society is a powerful enemy and it wears you down bit by bit to […]

We Must Fight – President Reagan


What he said.



173rd Airborne Brigade Jump Into Northern Iraq (2003) – YouTube

I never made it to airborne school, I went to Air Assault School where we learned to rappel out of helicopters and was MUCH more difficult than dope on a rope school, but I digress.  A night jump with a round parachute and loaded down with a ton of gear is scary enough, doing it […]

More wingsuit porn

My skydiving school  opens this Friday and having not made a jump in five months I’m really ready to grab some air.


Comin’ Home by Dave Adams and The Warrior Song Project – YouTube

The German


The video is a little long, almost ten minutes, but totally worth the time.  With the technology available to the movie industry these days I have high hopes for the future of military flying  movies.


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