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Pressure, Part Three

The longer I worked on that hose the worse I felt. It took forever to do the math required to estimate my arrival time at the next position reporting location. And when I made the position report to Gander ocean control I noticed I was slurring my words. When I’d finally transferred enough fuel to […]

Dangerous Flights Good PR for Aviation?

A friend over at BeeachTalk sent me this link to an article about Dangerous Flights he found in AvWeb.  It ends up saying what we in the skydiving business have been saying for years.  There is no such thing as bad publicity.  Whenever there is a skydiving accident the phone rings off the wall with […]

Pressure, Part Two

Sitting there holding the two ends of the hose I looked at the tank and wondered just how much pressure would be required to move the fuel. “The air space in the tank was not very big due to all the fuel still in the there.” I thought to myself, “If I can blow up […]


OK, just to keep everyone confused I’ve decided to post the entire chapter of my book entitled Pressure.  What I posted yesterday was a, hopefully, exciting teaser/prolog to get the reader interested enough to keep reading.  Chapter one covers how I got into ferry flying in the first place and Pressure takes place somewhere in […]


So dear reader, you might have been wondering, “Where the heck has Kerry been?”  Well the answer is, busy.  A few years ago I started writing a memoir about my adventures as an international ferry pilot.  I hit it hard, as new authors are want to do, with tons of energy and drive to get […]

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