Kerry McCauley takes readers inside the perilous business of international aircraft delivery. It’s an occupation so dangerous and exciting that the Discovery Channel filmed a series about it. This behind the scenes look at the making of a reality TV show about ferry pilots will have you both on the edge of your seat and laughing out loud. Join Kerry and his co-pilots as they struggle to meet the demands of filming and acting on a television show while at the same time flying over some of the most vast and dangerous areas of the planet. Their amazing trips take them across the frozen Siberian Arctic to the blistering Arabian Desert, and the dense Amazon Jungle to the deadly North Atlantic. Flying planes that were never meant to cover such long and desolate routes, Kerry and his fellow pilots push their luck and their endurance to the limits. Each trip is an epic adventure filled with non-stop challenges, such as unexpected weather emergencies, major aircraft malfunctions, bureaucratic nightmares and killer storms. Along the way the pilots of Dangerous Flights survive dozens of close calls, celebrate amazing victories and suffer a tragic loss. Ride along in the cockpit as Kerry and his crew circle the globe, land on every continent except Antarctica, and have some of the most amazing adventures imaginable.
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