As you might have heard, up here in the great white up we’ve had, how shall I put it? A shit ton of snow this winter! Sorry for my french but damn it’s deep!

That’s the front of my house……. I think.

So can you guess what happens when the temps finally start to rise dear readers? That’s right, solids magically turn into liquids. And when there’s too much of the liquid stuff laying around things tends to get messy.

This is the current state of my skydiving school. I say current because the snow has just started to melt and it has nowhere to go so I wouldn’t be surprised if the water level continued to rise.

I went out there yesterday and spent the better part of 2 hours putting gear (parachutes) boxes of paperwork, and anything else I could save up on packing tables and counters. So far all we’ve lost is some first jump certificates and waivers but all the carpeting will have to come out and I’m sure a lot (or all) of the sheetrock will have to be torn out. Not a great way to start the season but on the positive side I now have a float plane!

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