Day 11.

Up and at em semi early with no really long delays to speak of. That’s a first. A quick 4.5 hour flight to Riyadh, Saudi Arabia for fuel. Flying into Riyadh is always an experience. Most of the time the conditions are terrible with super high temperatures, hot like the sun, and super, I like that word today, poor visibility due to blowing sand and dust that can blot the sky out as high as 12,000 feet. But if you’re lucky and the winds are low you get to see just what the oil rich Saudis spend their money on. Don’t get me wrong, it’s still hot as the sun but there’s lot’s of cool buildings and stuff to look at.

The gas and go stop was as quick as could be expected with one small problem. One of the guys fueling us grabbed and bent both of the small metal fences on the wings. It wasn’t that much damage but Stuart was understandably upset, it’s a 2.4 million dollar aircraft after all. After paying for the fuel the gas jockey had the balls to ask for a tip. Needless to say gratuity was not forthcoming. Once we got everything sorted out it was back in the air for another flight over the desert to Fujairah. Our luck was holding with good weather and the last half of the flight being at night. Stuart got his first night landing in almost a year. Not a bad job. So would think that was all for the day wouldn’t you? Well it was, except for the 2 wasted hours we spent with customs as they tried to sort out God knows what. We’re only here for fuel and sleep, why can’t you just stamp our passports and let us go to the hotel? The cherry on top of another long day.

IMG_8670Somebody’s summer cabin.

IMG_8677Setting up the approach on the Garmin 1000

IMG_8680On final in Fujairah.

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