New i pad App The i HUD


As many of you know the i pad has and is still in the process of revolutionizing aviation.  The ability to electronically store all of the maps and approach plates in the world has definitely made my life as a ferry pilot WAY easier.  In the olden days I would have to bring a stack of paper maps and approach plates that weighed literally POUNDS!  Now all I bring is my i Pad.  The latest gizmo I’ve found is the i HUD.  The i HUD is a virtual heads up display that in the event of the loss of your vacuum pump, followed shortly by your artificial horizon, can give you attitude information for up to eight hours.  You do need to buy the sending unit that costs about $800 but in my opinion if this thing works would be worth it.  The app also claims to give you synthetic vision that, again if works as advertised, would be a great tool when shooting low IFR approaches.  The future is here people and technology is making flying so easy even I can do it. 

Ferry Flight Pic of The Day

Hula Girl in Brazil

When a ferry pilot delivers an aircraft to it’s new owner more often than not he’s treated pretty damn good, sometimes like a king.  When Cory and I delivered a Bonanza to Brazil last year the owner had us fly it to his ranch where we were treated to a Brazilian style Barbeque and then a horseback tour of the countryside.

Sky Cowboy








Flying stories and fresh lamb

Someone Needs Spin Training


A jumpers worst nightmare, or one of them really, is being stuck in an aircraft by G forces while it’s going down in a spin.  I still do a lot of tandems and being stuck in the back of the plane with two hundred pounds of stupid strapped to my chest is something that can keep a man awake at night.  At least the tandem instructor in the video was already in the door.