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Took a break from the daily grind Monday and went over to my parent’s house to help dear old dad work on the airplane he’s building. “What daily grind Kerry? You don’t hardly work at all in the winter.” Anyway, Dad’s building a KR-Super 2, The KR Super2 is an air cooled Corvair engine powered, all composite, two seat experimental aircraft modeled after the Rand Robinson KR2S.kr2

He’s been working on it for about three years and the finish line is in sight. OK, maybe it’s not in sight but at least it’s finally in the same time zone. We worked on the engine mount, trim tab wiring, and mounting the position lights. Notice I said “worked on” not finished. He’s getting ready to put the wings on and assemble the engine so hopefully we can get that thing in the air sometime this decade year. All three of us, me, Dad, and Connor, are really looking forward to getting the project done and putting a lot of hours in it but I don’t think anybody is looking forward to the plane getting done more than my mother because once the Super 2 is airworthy and sitting in a hanger, the garage, rec room, pool table, backyard, den, laundry room, and dining room will finally aircraft parts free, mostly.


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  • Jeff Smith

    I have been following the Super project for a number of years – the main website, and forums, appear to be stalled – How is your Dad’s plane coming along? Does he have the motor yet? the Fly SPA / Panther guys have got a great 3,3L, 5th bearing, all new crank design available

  • Dave McCauley

    You’re mostly correct. I’ve been at it for 5 years! When I finish the flaps (now under construction) the basic structure will be complete. Installing the canopy and building a front cowl will be the alst pieces. Christmas work has slowed me down b ut I’ll be back at it tomorrow.


  • Justin Quan

    Hi. I’m about 3 months into my KRSuper2 build, I’m getting ready to assemble my horizontal Stab and they don’t seem to have dimensions for the hinge mounting plates. Do you have the dimensions? I’m very curious to talk to another builder as I haven’t been able to contact the designer, Scott Watts at all. I’m a mechanical engineer and the design seemed sound so I went ahead and got started, but there sure are a lot of gaps in the plans they published at Thanks

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