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Video Oops

Imperfect jump 360 view
Sometimes uploading videos to the interweb is hard. Here is a version of the skydive flight that actually works.

Gravity Check

Just another day at the office.

Round And Round


  This is what the flight path of 100 jumps from 2000 feet looks like.

     If you remember, this was what we were planning.  I’d say we did a good job.

Mission Sort Of Accomplished

The day of 300 imperfect jumps is and the results are in. After battling rain, low clouds and turbulent winds Kevin the one armed skydiver called it quits after only 100 jumps. Now only doing 100 jumps when your goal was 300 might seem like a failure but when your goal is raising money and […]

Rain Delay

Just like in baseball, sometimes the weather conditions just aren’t ideal for skydiving.  We were supposed to start the 24 hours of skydiving this evening but a strong line of thunderstorms rolled over the dropzone shutting us down cold. We did manage to get one test jump in before the rain hit us and it […]


You’ve all seen these signs at construction sites and the like and you all know I own a skydiving school, which I’m sure most of you think is really just accident factory. Well i’m here to tell you that nothing could be farther from the truth, except when it isn’t. For the most part, skydiving […]

More Wingsuit Porn

It’s opening day at Skydive Twin Cities but unfortunately we got snow overnight, ( it’s too cold to jump) and the wind is howling, (so it’s too windy to jump) So instead of posting some sh!t Hot video from our first day of the season I’m posting the latest Sh!t hot wing suiting video from […]

Gravity Check!

                       Just hanging out with a few of my friends.


Gravity Check

In the sprit of trying to make up for my six month hiatus from blogging I’m bringing back my practice of posting photos from my iphoto library. Flying, skydiving, hunting, skiing, and anything else I can find to try and entertain you guys without all the work of actually writing. Bread and circuses you know.
Just […]

Super Girl In A Tube

Sorry to interrupt my ramblings on the subject of survival but tis the season for thankfulness and I really can’t relate to you all how blessed I am this year until I bring you all up to speed on what’s been happening in the McCauley family for the last 6 months or so. This would’ve […]

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