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Too Much Fun

I mentioned the glider ride I took in Prague a few days, weeks?, ago and thought you all might enjoy the video I took. As you can tell from my reactions I didn’t have much fun at all.

Still Flying

Day 9.
St. Petersburg to Moscow is a quick 2 hour flight. Once there we met Vladislav the owner of the Russian airline S7, and the chief sponsor of our little jaunt. Vlad invited us to another big celebratory dinner at the Four Seasons where we would get to meet some high mucky mucks of his […]

World Tour Update #?

I’m doing the best I can with posting but this trip is kicking my butt. The internet is pretty spotty in a lot of places so I’ve been falling behind. Here’s something to tide you all over for now.
Day 7
Early morning slot times out of Italy mean early morning wakeup calls at the hotel. At […]

World Tour Pic Dump

Super busy flying and getting behind on my updates so I thought I’d at least give you all at least something to look at. 

Follow Me

Normally the follow me car is what a pilot follows to parking after landing at a major airport but today the follow me is a link to the Epic LT company website where you can follow the Epic team as we fly around the world. Check it out at

Epic World Tour Day 6

Day 6 was a non-flying day that we spent enjoying Italy. Most of us walked around some and hung around the pool drinking ans talking smart. One couple rented a Lamborghini and spent the day terrorizing the local villagers. He told me that he got it up to 170 mph at one point and seeing […]

Epic World Tour Day 5


After a wonderful breakfast overlooking the beautiful english countryside, skipped, because I slept in, the Epic crew and I manned our aircraft and departed for Italy. I was once again impressed with the Epic’s speed when we crossed the French coastline only 30 minutes after departure. The weather guessers had warned us of a line […]


In case you didn’t know, flying around the world on an Epic World our is kind of a busy job so I hope you’ll excuse me when I get behind in my posting. So to keep you all off my back for another few hours here’s the link to the Epic LT company website where […]

Epic Flight Still South Bound

After fueling in Wick I moved into the right seat of a beautiful Epic LT owned by a Texas businessman who we’ve given the call sign “Tex” we’re nothing if not original. Our next stop was Chamberly England (EGLK) a small airport west of London and located in one of the busiest airspaces in the […]

Well That Was Fun II

So when I left off I was kneeling in-between the pilot and co-pilot of an Epic LT while they were doing a missed approach during bad weather in Wick Scotland desperately trying to keep my mouth shut and not tell them what to do. We blasted back up away from the runway and the controller […]

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