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Well the results are in and we lost exactly ZERO members of our skiing party to avalanche, helicopter crash, scurvy, cannibalism, or alcohol poisoning during our epic back country skiing adventure. Ok, we did almost lose someone down the outhouse hole but that’s just because he’s old and has no discernible rear end. What is back country […]


Zero Hour, 8:00am Meet and board A-Star B3 (That’s a helicopter)
Fly 20 miles into the Purcell Mountains
Depart A-StarB3 (Still a helicopter) unload gear into Boulder hut.
Put skies on.  Hunt deep power.
Details to follow.

No Autographs Please

As I’m sure you’re all aware Hula Girl is famous again. What? You’re not? Well, you really need to get out more. I went and saw Dead Pool last night and in the middle of the movie Dead Pool’s blind roommate trips over a Roomba and guess who’s mounted on said Roomba? You guessed it, […]

Trip Warning!


OK, OK, Sorry, it’s not amazing around the world ferry flight, it’s just my annual back country skiing trip with my BC buds. I’ll be flying out to Spokane (commercial, mores the pity) then driving to the great white north where after a warm up day skiing at Kimberly My friends and I will board […]


Now that Charles is all wrapped up and comfy in his space blankets and rain poncho it’s time to go through the DO NOT LOSE! bag and see what else he might that might come in handy in the quest to not die. (If you don’t know just what in the heck I’m talking about […]

Ferry Flight Pic Of The Day

747 over Alaska heading to Asia. I took this shot while ferrying a Phenom 100 from Sydney to Las Vegas.


Dad, Please Stop

Like most fathers I enjoy torturing my children with corny jokes. Especially in front of their friends. Classics like “Why don’t crabs give to charity? Their shellfish!  Ha  ha. Yes, I would literally have my kids begging me to stop. So imagine my joy when I discovered private messaging in Facebook. Now there is nowhere […]

Just Kick Back And Relax

In case there is anyone out there who hasn’t been following the trials and tribulations of Charles, our unlucky fictitious ferry pilot I’ll try and bring you up to speed. Chuck was hired to ferry a small single engine airplane from the US to Europe in the middle of winter. Since then he’s made a […]

Gravity Check!

                       Just hanging out with a few of my friends.


Ferry Flight Pic Of The Day

              Cruising down the Amazon in a Piper Navajo one fine morning.

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