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The Sound Of Silence III


With all this in mind I concentrated on flying the Mooney and getting ready to land. When I passed through 1,000 feet the thick clouds slowly changed to a grey misty haze and I was able to see farmland and trees passing below. The controller told me the airport should be right at my twelve […]

Gravity Check!

This is what it looks like when someone leaves on Ready! instead of Go!

The Sound Of Silence II


I flew forty miles south before I thought I could sneak through a gap between two groups of green dots. The controller consulted his crystal ball/radar and agreed that I stood a remote chance of not dying and wished me luck. I tightened my seat belt, cleaned up all loose objects in the cockpit and […]

Story Time

I know you all were disappointed that I didn’t get to fly the Cirrus to Berlin this weekend and entertain you all with the trip report.  It was going to be too.  I was going to see just how fast I could make the trip from Wisconsin to Germany and call it the Kessel run.


I might not be spending three days in a small single engine plane this weekend but at least I get to do stuff like this.  I’m at the five O’ clock position with the green and black rig.

Mission Scrubbed

Well that was a big tease.  I was all set to head out to LA when the seller called to tell me that they were going to go with another ferry company because they could leave 2 days earlier.  I couldn’t leave until this Saturday because Number One Son has a football game Friday night […]

Trip Alert!

“Launch the alert five ferry pilot!”
It looks like I have a short notice trip to make.  The boys from JET AVIVA have sold their SR-22 Cirrus and need it moved from Santa Monica CA to Berlin ASAP.  Now I don’t mind doing the trip, but, “I JUST FLEW THE SAME DAMN AIRCRAFT FROM GERMANY TO […]


Just kicking back with a few of my friends.

Gravity Check, New Personal Record/Human Sonic Boom

This is my busy time of year.  In late August early September I average 50 to 7o jumps a week and fly the Grand Caravan whenever my pilot needs a break.  Skydiving that much will keep a guy in shape but makes the evening soak in the hot tub more of a necessity than a […]

Mission To Bangkok. The End

I know, I know, I haven’t finished telling you all the rest of the story and left you hanging.  But in my defense, as I told you before, I’m lazy, and busy jumping out of planes, but mostly lazy.  I was also hoping to have some new information that would bring closure, I hate that […]

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