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Day 9. Continued

What are the odds?  I mean one vacuum pump failing is a relatively uncommon occurrence, so having both of them fail is highly unlikely.  Unless you consider the fact that both pumps are probably the same age, have almost the amount of hours on them and were built by the same person.  Add to that […]

Trip Update, Day 9.

Day 9.
   The takeoff from Riyadh looked like it would be a piece of cake.  It was a little hazy but the sun was shining, sort of, there was a nice breeze right down the runway and it was hot.  Being hot wasn’t one of the things that was going make the takeoff easy, it […]

The End Of Day 8


As we headed out over the empty desert the first thing I noticed was that with the weight of the extra fuel we had stashed in back the Navajo’s performance was definitely affected for the worst. The other thing I noticed was that with the outside air temperature so high I was having to use […]

Trip Update, Day 8 cont:


Day 8. Continued. The trip across the Mediterranean from Greece to Egypt was a good one. I was experimenting with different long range power settings, trying to get the most range I could and keep the engine temps low. I knew we were heading into some really hot areas of the world and would be […]

Trip Update, Day 7&8


Day 7. cont.
When we last left our intrepid hero’s (that’s us by the way) they were trying to find a way across the Arabian sea to India where the sweet nectar of 100 low lead Avgas could be found. But alas, the closest airport in India with the correct type of fuel for our thirsty […]

Problems In Paradise

Day 7.  (on the road from Florida to Bangkok, in case you haven’t been paying attention) Now pay attention.
We’ve run into a snag in our plans.  Cory, my boss and owner of CB Aviation, (I told you to pay attention) and I have been working with an overflight permit agent from the UK to get […]

Day 6. continued

After getting oxygen Lee and blasted off from Germany en-route to sunny Greece.   We were flying at 15,000 feet when Lee put on his oxygen mask.  Now I don’t begrudge a guy his oxygen but what we had in the tank was going to have to last us for the rest of the trip […]

Trip Update, Day 5

Day 5.  A nice flight from Rotterdam to Augsburg Germany.  Lee and I spent a lot of the time in the cockpit talking about how just 70 years ago these same skies were filled with young men flying high performance fighters and bombers trying to kill each other.  We could picture massive bomber formations overhead […]

Trip Update


Day 4. Continued: The night approach into Rotterdam should have been a lot of fun. Landing at a major airport with the runway all lit up like a Christmas tree is usually one of my favorite things to do but this time I wasn’t really enjoying it because of the reception I was about to […]

More Updates

Day 4.
Took off for Wick Scotland, the last leg of our Atlantic crossing. Not many people know it but Iceland has its own little icecap. It obviously not as big as Greenland’s but its still kind of a cool knob of perfectly smooth ice with multiple glaciers flowing off it. Lee and I were still […]

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