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An Idea So Idiotic It Could Possibly Work

Air Force scrapped top secret ‘bat bomb’ project in Carlsbad 70 years ago
I’d heard about this project before and as stupid as it was it sounds like it could have actually worked against the highly flammable homes the Japanese lived in.  Of course carpet bombing with B-29’s worked pretty good too.  I can’t understand why […]

Ferry Flight Pic Of The Day

Greenland Fjords with ship tracks in the ice.

Ferry Flight Pic Of The Day

It was a dark and stormy night.  No kidding, the little X’s are lightning strikes and the little airplane symbol was us.  Stu and I were over the Mediterranean coming into Cannes France late one night in a Cirrus when our storm scope lit up like a Christmas tree.  Needless to say the approach and […]

Flying To Work

Last week we found a crack in a rib on the tail of the Grand Caravan we lease to fly jumpers at Skydive Twin Cities.  The crack was significant enough that the plane was flown from Wisconsin to Atlanta to get fixed.  That left us with no jump ship for the week.  But wait, my […]

She Is Risen

When I first opened Skydive Twin Cities I got the meat bombs skydivers up to altitude in 2 Cessna 182’s, 2 Cessna 206’s, and a 1952 De Havilland Beaver.  Running 5 planes at once was a big job and keeping enough pilots trained was a nightmare.  In our second year a hungover pilot aborted a […]

Super Tomcat

I’ve always been a big fan of the Tomcat and it was sad to see it go, but I understood why they did it.  At least I thought I understood.  It turns out there is/was a super Tomcat version that could have been pretty bad ass!  Check out this article for the story.  SUPER TOMCAT […]

On Writing

Last week my wife and I had dinner with my parents to celebrate my birthday, number 52 if you must know, and my dad gave me a copy of Stephen King’s book “On Writing.”   I’ve been a Stephen King fan since 1980 when I picked up a dog-eared copy of “The Stand” someone left […]

▶ 2013 Raytheon Award Video

H/T: Old AF Sarge.

Back In The Saddle

The big ball of fire finally made an appearance in Wisconsin and I somehow managed to fly the Super Grand Caravan up to 14,000 feet and back 30 times without breaking it.  It’s always a challenge to get back into the groove of flying skydivers in a plane that can make the round trip from […]

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