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Swiss Pilot flying around the world forced to land in Indonesia arrested at gunpoint.

A Swiss pensioner flying around the world in an aircraft he built himself has been arrested in Indonesia after flying into the country's airspace illegally, according to an Air Force spokesman

Watch him boys!  He might be dangerous!

Apparently this retired airline pilot was on a 2 year around the world flight when he stumbled into Indonesian airspace and was forced down by Air Force fighters.  Now I’ve had poor receptions at various countries some included automatic weapons others just very angry airport managers or customs agents but never something as ridiculous as this.

  It is not clear whether Peier is being held by the Indonesian authorities, or whether he has been released

Gotta love the circular firing squad, very professional.

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  1. Having flown there I can assure you that it was for real, I think. Those knuckle heads like nothing more than to show you how powerful and important they are. Nothing $50.00 can’t take care of though.

  2. I have a feeling the soldiers in the circle are only there for effect (hopefully with blanks) and the real stuff is with the plain clothes guys – at least I hope so…

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