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Later Dudes

Has anyone seen my kitchen sink?  Getting ready to leave on a 9 day back country ski trip and I think I’m going to have a little trouble getting all this crap up a mountain.  Everything you see here is going in my backpack and we don’t even have the food yet.  OK the whole […]

Ferry Flight Pic of The Day

Hula girl on duty.  This is a shot of the throttle and flap area in the Phenom 100 Marcio and I flew from Australia to Las Vegas two years ago.  Notice the engine switches behind Hula Girl.  That’s how easy this plane is to start.  Just move the knob from stop to start to start […]

Extreme Crop Dusting 1957

Pick Your Nose Art

Ferry Flight Pic Of The Day


So there I was, having a great ski weekend with in northern Wisconsin with my back country buddies.  we were having a training/dry run session getting ready for our annual back country skiing expedition to British Columbia next week.  After spending  the day climbing the pristine ski runs of a bankrupt ski resort and skiing […]

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