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All Shook Up

As promised.  I’m in the number 3 slot singing All Shook Up.  Apologies to any Elvis fans out there, I was just following orders.

AHHH, Thank You, Thank You Verry Much

I have a few side jobs that I do to make a little extra money now and then, start revolutions, overthrow governments, deflower virgins, rescue damsels, after putting them in distress of course and flying small planes around the world.  You know, the usual stuff.  One of my all time favorite jobs is being a […]

I Double Dog Dare You!



First ‘hurricane hunter’ flight was made on a bet
FORT LAUDERDALE, Fla. — The first hurricane hunter flight 70 years ago this week was made on a bet — that the plane flying into the eye of a storm would be ripped apart in violent winds.
And all the daredevil pilot stood to win was a highball […]

Your Weekly Lex, For Strength

The captain’s log

By lex, on January 19th, 2008
This morning, as I might have mentioned, was much taken up with the attempt to fashion a perfect spreadsheet to capture several thousand flight hours, landings and and instrument approaches. Dreary work up front made filling in the blanks a little less tedious on the back end. But […]

Gravity Check

Yours truly exiting the Caravan and making memory’s by filming a tandem student.  Oh and by the way, we were over a big hole in the clouds so so regulations were busted, I swear, really.  And you couldn’t prove it anyway.


A good pilot/skydiver friend of mine, who I’ll call Geno because that’s his name, OK nickname but let’s not split hairs, had a scary story about one night one the flight deck of a destroyer many years ago.  That particular dark and stormy night somewhere in the south Pacific Geno had flight deck duty when […]

Ferry Flight Pic Of The Day

The southern cost of Iceland on a rare non-IFR day, OK I was back in the clouds and picking up ice shortly after taking this picture but close enough.

More Oops

The real story about the B-17 “Liberty Belle” Accident

Here is the real story about the “Liberty Belle” incident in Aurora IL. A very compelling “must read” account from the people who were there, instead of the media hype that saturated this story from the beginning.
This is a letter posted by Ray Fowler, The Liberty Foundation, […]

Ferry Flight Pic Of The Day

20,00 feet with no oxygen and my O2 level was at 74 percent.  Proof positb that I can function perflectkly at high altitube with no problloybems.


When they started using turbine engines in skydiving aircraft the jumpers rejoiced.  No longer were they crammed into old DC-3’s and tiny Cessna’s and forced to endure a long slow clime to altitude.  Turbine aircraft like out Cessna Super Caravan can haul 19 jumpers up to 13,000 feet in under 12 minutes.  But turbine engines […]

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