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The Story Of Lush

The stories of how navel Aviators get their call signs are usually pretty damn entertaining and the story of how OldAFSarg’s daughter got her’s is no exception.

Head on over to Chant du D’epart and read The Story Of Lush.

Your Weekly Lex, For Strength

Trusting the LSO


By lex, on July 8th, 2004
Real short sea story.
1987, first deployment, North Arabian Sea. I’m a raw nugget (new guy), flying maybe my fourth or fifth fleet night flight. An air intercept control mission – fleet air defense.
We’re miles from nowhere, no diverts are available. When the shooter pulls the trigger on the […]


After a really disappointing Memorial Day weekend, lots of rain and low clouds, Super Girl and I am off to Canada to wrap up the filming of Dangerous  Flights season two.  It should be a nice few days of hanging out with some of the best pilots in the world and my daughter, take that […]

Gravity Check





























Not much time to post this weekend, too busy playing human yo-yo.





Your Weekly Lex, For Strength

Viper FCF

By lex, on August 29th, 2004
After major maintenance, an aircraft has to be flown by a specially designated check pilot on a PMCF – a post-maintenance check flight, before it’s released for general use. These are also known as FCF’s, or “functional check flights.” The designation is eagerly sought out by pilots, and sparingly […]

Pick Your Nose Art

Get Some


In the spring of 1944, Bill Overstreet of the famous 357th FG was hot on the tail of a German ME109G. The pilot of the 109 flew right over Paris where German anti-aircraft artillery was heavy, probably in hopes they would solve his problem by eliminating Bill and his P51C named the “Berlin Express”. Bill […]

Gravity Check

One of my instructors checking out the landing site on a demonstration jump last summer in Minneapolis.  The landing area is the outfield section of the baseball field in the lower left.  Tight demos always get my heart pounding because coming up short or overshooting usually means hitting something, or someone, you really don’t want […]

Close One

The professional weather guessers employed by our friends at the US government told us that there was no hope that we would be skydiving this weekend.  Rain, wind and low clouds would keep the planes and jumpers grounded, no hope, go home and see a movie or something.  So of course we managed to fly […]

Gravity Check

This is an exit shot of a formation load I flew at Skydive Twin Cities two years ago.  The planes were PAC 750s, a single engine turbine jump ship that is my favorite ride when flying skydivers because it descends like falling safe and has a stick instead of a yoke, and who doesn’t like […]

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