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Adversary Course – Miramar

By lex, on January 23rd, 2006
Miramar it was, and back in the 90′s too, what with your humble scribe being an adversary pilot but recently arrived from the purgatorial southern swamps of Naval Air Station Key West, Florida, from whence liberated, like Prometheus unchained from a demanding flight schedule, bound as he […]

Flying the Feathered Edge: The Bob Hoover Project

More Wingsuit Porn

Even if you’re not into watching lots of wingsuit videos you’ve got to check out this one at about the the minute mark.  It gives you a great perspective of what they’re really doing.

Germany To Vegas Day 7

Morning in Greenland.  No internet in the hotel so checking weather will have to wait.  Head down to grab some breakfast that’s hopefully not been buried in the ground for two months then off to the control tower to see if we’re flying to Canada or Iceland.  Caught up with Marcio who had some good […]

Sick, Just Sick

Plane Porn

Ferry Flight Pic Of The Day

I took this shot of the Palm Jumeirah in Dubai last fall while flying a Cirrus from Singapore to Ohio with Stu.  Once again the photographs could never do it justice.

Pick Your Nose Art

Your Weekly Lex, For Strength

First CQ

By lex, on March 24th, 2006
Successful completion of carrier qualifications, or CQ, marks a critically important milestone in the career of a student naval aviator. Landing safely and expeditiously aboard the ship is what distinguishes the Navy pilot from his more pedestrian, prosaic, even rustic, counterparts in the Air Force.
My first CQ was aboard […]

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