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Antarctic Crash ‘Not Survivable’

Searchers in Antarctica say the crash of a Canadian Twin Otter was “not survivable” and the operation is now a recovery mission and it will be October before that can happen. Three Canadians, including aircraft commander Bob Heath, his copilot Mike Denton, 25, and an unidentified third person were aboard the aircraft, which hit the […]

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Someday, baby, someday.

Ferry Flight Pic Of the Day

This is a shot I took of the Phenom 100’s Nav display last year on the first leg of our ferry flight from Sydney to Las Vegas.  Marcio and I ran into strong headwinds and were worried that we might not make the airport with sufficient fuel reserves.  The green circle that is just beyond […]

Plane Porn


Things are firming up for the Cirrus trip next week.  As of now my co-pilot Marcio and I leave for Augsburg Germany this Friday.  We might spend the weekend goofing off in Munich but plan on leaving as soon as the plane is ready, probably on Tuesday.  This trip is going to be a dangerous […]

Plane Porn

Ferry Flight Pic Of The Day

Took this shot last month over the Bahamas while bringing an A-36 Bonanza to the US from Uruguay.


Having been in aviation for over thirty years now I’ve made a lot of friends who are pilots and skydivers.  I’ve also lost quite a few of them over the years.  Flying in Army helicopters, ferrying small single engine aircraft over the ocean, and skydiving are arguably three of the highest risk occupations out there, […]

Ferry Flight Pic Of The Day

Morning over Cape Fear North Carolina.

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