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Coming Home

Solved after 70 years: The mystery of the missing Lancaster bomber crew 

A lost Lancaster bomber crew have finally been found after a German team located the remains of their downed aircraft near Frankfurt

Five missing British airmen were found inside the wreckage of their World War Two bomber

They were guided to the site in Laumersheim, Germany, […]

The “Watch This” Factor

Because my daughter “Super Girl” is a new pilot and will hopefully be accompanying me on an overseas ferry trip this fall an article in Winged Victory:Women in webzine caught my eye.  It looks into the effects that gender plays in pilot error induced crashes.

Studies have shown variation in aptitudes, skills and cognitive abilities between […]

Remembered sky

Followed a link  from “The Lexicans“ yesterday and found a new site I recommend called Your host is by a former Navel Aviator with 170 combat missions in the A-7 over Vietnam.  Good stories, check it out.

Resuce Me

OK, I’ve got a confession to make.   I’m a lucky S.O.B.   Always have been and hopefully always will be.  Not in every aspect of my life mind you but when it comes survival and life or death situations I always seem to come up smelling like a rose with nothing more than a few […]


There are no accidents and no fatal flaws in the machines: there are only
pilots with the wrong stuff.
~Tom Wolfe, ‘The Right Stuff’

Water Survival

Coast Guard rescues two from the Gulf Of Mexico.


N265Q incident
1 pilot/1 passenger
In-flight fire with emergency water landing
We topped the aircraft off with fuel at Baytown airport (KHPY) on the east side of Houston Texas. I departed VFR and picked up our IFR clearance from Houston Approach en-route, prior to reaching SBI (Sabine VOR). I […]

Bored Pilots

I won’t be showing this to Number One Son. He’s got enough crazy ideas already.


  As a rule pilots are always looking for an excuse to go flying.  If they could take a plane to the grocery store when they’re out of milk they would.  So when my wife informed me that my presence would be required in northern Michigan this weekend to help her family cut firewood.  I saw […]

The Making of Florida One

Now We Know

Brake Test Sends WWII Aircraft Into a Ditch. Finally and on an odd note, its been reported that a 1943 Beech 18/C-45 ended up in a ditch in Virginia after its owner was performing a brake test and the brakes failed – sending the aircraft across a road with its nose coming to rest in […]

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