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There I Was (Huey Vs Tank)

And so it came to pass one hot dusty summer afternoon at Wisconsin’s Fort McCoy that a Huey crew with JP4 to burn and no particular mission to burn it on found itself flying over the countryside looking for something to strafe. I was the crew chief and left side door gunner for that joy […]

More wingsuit porn

Wing suits and high performance aircraft relative work, what could be cooler?


This Is How To Send A Fallen Warrior Home

The Hog

I’ve been in love with the A-10 Thunderbolt for years, yes I even built of model of it in my yout.  Even though it’s old it’s still incredibly good at what it does.

The A-10 Thunderbolt II is the toughest most ferocious aircraft in the skies  

h/t CDR M at Ace Of Spades

Time Machine

Ask any professional pilot what is the biggest negative about his, or her, chosen line of work and more often than not the answer will be the time spent away from friends and family.  Long hours that lead into days spent crammed into cockpits, riding airport shuttles and stealing hotel shampoo means missing a lot […]

Ferry Flight Pic of The Day

Stu and a Brazilian Air Force weatherman trying to plot a course to keep us out of an area of volcanic ash that was blocking our path.  We finally called the new owner of the Piper Navajo we were ferrying to ask for his advise.  He told us that the ash wasn’t too bad and […]

More Wingsuit Porn

These pilots take wingsuit flying to a whole new level.  The footage of them flying between small gaps in the trees is nothing short of amazing.  I can’t wait for the next day with big cumulus clouds to practice on.

Super Girl

Except for the Otter going down with a bad starter/generator on the busiest and nicest day of the summer so far, GRRRRR! I had a great weekend.  What made it great was getting my daughter her last two student jumps and taking her on a four way jump with two of my friends.  She is […]

Anti Gravity Check

As a big science fiction fan it was always my dream to go into space.  Of course I didn’t really want to do the hard work in school that would make my dream a reality so I had to settle for being a pilot and skydiver instead.  In retrospect I think I ended up with […]

That’s My Co-Pilot

My daughter came out to the drop zone yesterday to get a few jumps in but decided that it would be more fun to do a bit of flying with dear old dad.  She figured that because she will be flying with me on a few ferry trips across the pond this fall she might […]

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