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Ferry Flight Pic of The Day

When flying from Goose Bay Labrador to Europe ferry pilots either stop in Narsarsuaq Greenland for fuel or if you’ve got the legs or fly non-stop to Iceland.  Both routs are beautiful with the direct path taking you over the southern tip of Greenland and if you need to stop for gas you get to […]

Plane Porn

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More Chopper Porn

Tribute to vietnam helicopter pilots and crew – YouTube.

Ferry Flight Pic of The Day

Being a ferry pilot is a great job if you like to travel and see other countries but sometimes it can be very frustrating.  Flying a low altitudes in an aircraft with great visibility lets you really see what you’re missing as the landscape passes below you.  I don’t know how many times a day […]

Play It Loud

Ferry Flight Pic of The Day

Shortly after takeoff from Crete.

More Skydiving Sickness


Turn Off The Damn Autopilot

If you’re a pilot who use’s the autopilot a lot you should take the time to watch this video.  The speaker makes some great points about how some pilots get so dependent on the autopilot that it actually increases work load in some critical situations instead of reducing it.  I personally never use the autopilot […]

Ferry Flight Pic of The Day

I saw this sand sculpture on the west coast of the Gulf of Aqaba.  The only reason I was there was because I couldn’t get an over flight permit for Israel and had to fly around it after leaving Jordan en route to Crete.  The lat long is 29* 10’25.54N  34*42’11.13E if you want to […]

Don’t Forget The Pre-Flight

Among the first things student pilots learn is the importance of a thorough walkaround and a California man now has plenty of time to ponder the wisdom of that precaution. Police in Compton, Calif., allege that Troy Long, of Bellflower, described as a “former student pilot,” pulled a gun on staff at the Compton/Woodley Airport […]

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