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Ferry Flight Pic of The Day

Deviation left approved
Last spring I was hired to ferry a Piper Super Cub up from Florida to Minnesota where a float plane operation uses it to train in the summer.  I wasn’t sure if I was going to enjoy flying a plane across the country  with a top speed of ninety miles per hour, when […]


So there we were, seven skydivers hanging around behind the counter at Skydive Twin Cities , which my office manager hates BTW, watching Flightaware track the Twin Otter that was flying up from Texas.  Everyone was excited because the Twin Otter is the best aircraft in the world to jump out of and our toy […]

Aviation, Diversity, and Uncomfortable Truths

Aviation, Diversity, and Uncomfortable Truths | USNI Blog.


Ferry Flight Pic of The Day

Say “Cheese!”  As some of you know I’m starring in a new reality show on the Discovery Channel called “Dangerous Flights.”  The show is about ferry pilots and follows six of us as we deliver real planes to real customers around the world.  I did four trips last year with a human anchor cameraman/director along […]

Sh!t Fighter Pilots Don’t Say



Hat tip to The Castle Argghhh!!!


Ferry Flight Pic of The Day

Here’s a shot I took of the fjord that leads to the airport in Narsarsuaq Greenland last fall.  I normally don’t fly the northern route that late in the year because the weather is so unpredictable.  The strait lines in the ice are the tracks left by the last supply ship of the season.

F-22 Refueling

These Guys don’t waste any time.


We Must Fight – President Reagan


What he said.



Terminator Drones In Paradise

US considers launching drones from Indian Ocean coral atolls

The US is looking to use the Australian-administered Cocos Islands – a group of tiny coral atolls in the Indian Ocean – to launch unmanned drones as it continues its strategic pivot away from the Middle East towards Asia Pacific.


We hopefully never completely do away with brave […]

Ferry Flight Pic of The Day

Amman Jordan

This was taken just after takeoff from Amman Jordan last October in a SR-22 Cirrus.  Amman was one of the most magical places I’ve ever spent ten hours in.  I was struck by the fact that all the buildings were the same color from the air.  If you look carefully at the left center […]

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